Jersey Fruit is a farmer-owned cooperative that was established in 1940 and has been committed to producing ripe, flavorful, safe fruit with consistent quality, while providing professional service and a strong integrity to consumers, customers and our growers. Jersey Fruit is the largest peach and nectarine shipper in New Jersey, handling over 27 million pounds of peaches and nectarines from July through September. The co-op is also one of the largest shippers of blueberries in the state, handling over 7 million pounds from mid-June through mid-August. Click here to learn more about our company.
Did You Know?

NectarinesAll Jersey Fruit products are graded according to Jersey Fruit standards, which are more stringent than USDA standards. For peaches and nectarines, quality criteria includes color, brix, uniformity of size and color, and overall appearance.

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Blueberries and Your Health

BlueberriesAmerica's blueberry and its European cousin the bilberry get their deep blue hue from antioxidants called anthocyanins. Several studies suggest anthocyanins discourage blood clots from forming, warding off heart attacks.

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Jersey Fruit Farms

PeachClick here to view an interactive map of Jersey Fruit farm locations.