This week, the most anticipated – and important – blueberry harvest in recent years begins. Like the roads in New Jersey, the path to the 2020 blueberry season was mired with potholes. A virus that dragged the country to a halt, a warmer than normal winter, freezing temperatures and high winds late in the growing cycle all caused sleepless nights for the blueberry growers in the Jersey Fruit Cooperative..

Despite all of these challenges, we are anticipating an outstanding crop, and our blueberries will be available on store shelves starting this weekend through late-July.

There is A LOT riding on this season’s blueberry harvest not only for our farmers and the retail and other customers that support them, but also for the consumer who waits all year for big, juicy blueberries from the “Blueberry Capital of the World,” Hammonton, NJ.

We want every customer to know that we have been burning daylight to make sure that when you see the Jersey Fruit label, you are picking the best blueberries on the market and supporting the family farms that make the Jersey Fruit Cooperative so unique.

Please keep checking back from more updates, and while you’re here, head on over to our Meet Our Growers page to see all our farmers.